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Next Camp is April 7-10th


Each of our BeSpun ShowGirl BootCamps will feature classes fromLeigh Ann Reilly and BeSpun Pole Stars. Including Natasha Wang,Nadia Sharif, Brandon Grimm and/or Claudia Renee, to name a few. Pole Star appearances are based on their availability and will be announced no later than 30 days prior to pole camp.



Arrivals BeSpun Classes

Welcome Margaritas @ El Compadre


9 a.m.Goals & Stretch

12-4 p.m. Skills Development

6-8 p.m. Performance Prep

9-11 p.m.Girls Night Out Jumbo’s Trip


9 a.m. Stretch & BeSpun Classes

12-2 p.m. Costume Shopping

4-7 p.m. Performance Prep

9 p.m. Performance @BeSpun


Stretch & Poleography

2-5 p.m. Accro Beach Trip

Pricing: $499 - $100 non-refundable deposit required to reserve your spot. Remainder of balance due 30 days prior to camp start date.

Lodging: FOR 3 NIGHTS. Accommodation pricing variant on how many $200 people sign up. We will be renting a house for campers to stay NOV together near the studio. Lodging will be paid for separately, once we have a total count for the camp.

  • Arrival anytime anytime after 12:00p.m.(noon)Thursday. Thursday evening classes are included in pricing.
  • Camp is limited to 10-14 sign ups.
  • Skills development will involve BeSpun training and personalized focus to enhance performance skills.
  • You will learn a combination of tricks, dance and flexibility.
  • You will learn dance choreography in a variety of styles.
  • BeSpun’s Pole Stars, Instructors and Campers will perform for the public on Saturday night at BeSpun. All Campers & levels are encouraged to perform. You may perform a solo or group choreography learned at camp.
  • Food, souvenirs, and accommodation costs are campers responsibility. We will provide transportation to & from scheduled events.
  • Accommodation pricing is based upon how many people sign up. We will be renting a house for everyone to stay together, near the studio.
  • This camp is welcome to all levels
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Pole Show LA

BeSpun LA is Los Angeles' premier pole dance workout studio where pole dance champions are made!


Bio - Adrienne Strauss +


Adrienne’s specialties include back flexibility, floor and flow movement. She embraces the sensuality of pole and loves watching her students grow both physically and psychology.


I only hope that I can share the feeling of perfection  pole dance gives me. I never feel more present than when I'm dancing. It's the closest thing to nirvana I've known.



Bringing Sexy Back poster girl of 2014

Second place in PPC L3D ‘13.

Favorite Pole Trick- Anything that highlights back flexibility and I could spend all day on the floor.

Heels? - Stripper heels always. If you catch me barefoot it's because my shoe broke.

Fantasy dinner party? - Albert Einstein, Edgar Allen Poe, a famous geisha, Tupac, Marilyn Monroe, Bruce Lee, Martha Graham, Pina, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Kurt Cobain, Freud, Jung, Beethoven, da Vinci.


Bio - Amy Guion +

Amy is a classically trained ballet dancer turned pole dancer. She danced with Pacific Northwest Ballet and Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater School. Amy Specializes in flexibility and is trained in silks and contortion through the Kinetic Theory Theatre. Amy is a co-founder of the Pole Sport Organization, which hosts regional competitions for pole dance competitors and enthusiasts. Amy’s classes draw from her background to improve students’ sensual movement, flexibility, strength and grace.

Favorite pole trick? Elbow jade because it uses back and leg flexibility, my favorites!

Favorite song to dance to? “Bad Things” by Jace Everett. Short and sweet and sexy

Biggest pet peeve? Students not pointing their toes!


Bio - Andrea Britz +

Andrea moved to Los Angeles in 2007 and stumbled upon Pole Dancing. Andrea began her training in late 2011, and has since showcased in live performances, music videos, commercials, and won competitions. Andrea believes each dancer should create their own unique style of dance and loves to focus on flow and musicality. . Pole dancing changed her life and is an extraordinarily well rounded sport for your body, and mind.

What food can you not live without? What food can you not stand? Why? I can't love without burritos. I think Shrimp is disgusting :p

Last splurge? One expensive piece of lingerie from Agent Provocateur.

Fantasy dinner party guests? Elvis Presley, Marlyn Monroe, Jim Hensen, Snoop Dog. Everyone gets a plus 1 😉


Bio - Brandon Grimm +

Brandon began training in gymnastics at the age of five and then in dance just a few short years later. He obtained his BFA in fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology, one year designing for Victoria’s Secret, and his final year dancing professionally and commercially. It was in NYC where he founded Circus Arts and Pole at Body & Pole. During his time at FIT, Brandon trained as an Aerialist and Acrobat focusing on Aerial Fabric, Net/ Hammock, Straps, Contortion and Stretching techniques, and Hand-Balancing. This is also where his love for Pole Dancing began. In 2011, Brandon moved to LA to join with Diavolo Dance Theater: Architecture in Motion, a nationally and internationally touring, acrobatic dance company.


Pacific Pole Championship 2015: 1st Place Men’s Champion National Aerial Pole Art 2015: 2nd Place Men’s Devision Pacific Aerial Arts Championship 2014: 1st Place Champion Pole Expo 2012: 2nd Place Men’s Division

Brynn Route

Bio - Brynn Route +

Brynn Route has 17 years of a combined background in gymnastics, dance, aerial arts and contortion. She enjoys all styles, but tends to gravitate towards moves which incorporate flexibility. Brynn has showcased pole as a guest performer for companies like Govinda Music, Lucent Dossier, Sol Republic, A&E TV, Friday Night Lights, and Quixotic Fusion. She finds her biggest inspiration in being able to teach men and women to find self-expression through aerial movement and dance.


Dream vacation spot? Why? My dream vacation spot is Germany. I hear they have great techno and great forests there.


Any pets? I have a slightly cross-eyed cat named Gonzo.


To false lash or not false lash? To Lash! I love wearing big, crazy eyelashes!


Last splurge? I am saving for a future splurge of contortion classes at Fit and Bendy!

Claudia Renee

Bio - Claudia Renee +

Claudia has been poling since 2009 and began teaching 6 months after her first class. She specializes in innovative, unique movement and methods of illusion on and off the pole. She’s a national competitor, performer and instructor and known for her captivating performances.


She competed in the (invitation only) first Miss Pole Dance America 2015, 2014 Miss Pole Dance Oklahoma Silver Medalist, 2014 PPC Gold Medalist, 2013 Miss Texas Pole Star Professional Trickster, 2013 Miss Texas Pole Star Pro Bronze Medalist.

What is your favorite pole trick? Why? Anything back bendy and handstandy!

 What food can you not live without? What food can you not stand? Why? Dark Chocolate I cannot live without. I love all food!

Dream vacation spot? Why? Fiji. Because why not? I want to sleep on a floating hotel, turn all electronics off and enjoy what the world has to offer with zero distractions.

Any pets? Jet the acro dog is my one and only. That dog gives me life!

Stripper heels or barefoot? Depends on the day and my mood. I love both equally!

Biggest pet peeve? Not pointing your toes while dancing and when people don’t replace the toilet paper roll. I have several. I’m pretty OCD.

 Fantasy dinner party guests? Felix Cane (because she is who I watched religiously when I discovered pole), James Franco because I have the biggest crush on him!


Bio - Elena Anischenko +

Elena was born and raised in Siberia, the coldest and toughest region of Russia, and she is proud of it. She truly believes, that snow and freezing temperature made her disciplined and strong. She started her dancing carrier at the age of 10. Her favorite styles were Jazz, Jazz-Funk and Russian Falk dance. She worked for Professional Russian Dance Company Zima-Leto and performed with them around the World (China, Turkey, Russia, Cyprus, Malta).

She took her first pole dance class at the age of 21 and it made a huge impression on her. Soon, she has realized that she can create a wide variety of interesting shapes WITH a pole than without. Now she is enjoying teaching, because she likes seeing the progress of her students and feeling proud watching them performing.


 Favorite trick? X-flag - because it was very challenging for me, but nothing is impossible!


In Russia:

1st Place- Miss Pole Dance Siberia (artistic) Novosibirsk 2011,  1st Place- Miss Pole Dance Siberia (artistic) Barnaul 2012, 3rd Place- Russian National Championship, Miss & Mister Pole Dance Russia (artistic) St. Petersburg 2011

In the USA:

3 rd Place- Pacific Pole Championship 2014(professional devision), Silver medalist USNPC 2014 (professional devision), Female Allstar NAPA Champion 2015, Most Athletic NAPA 2015, 1st place Southwest Aerial Art Championships (Doubles Division)


Bio - Jennifer Kim +

Jennifer is an international pole instructor and performer. She is Xpert certified and has her 200 hour yoga certificate from White Lotus Yoga Foundation. She is a principal cast of Girl Next Door - A Pole Dance Soiree and SEVEN. Jennifer can be seen as the featured dancer on Enrique Iglesias "Dirty Dancer" music video.

Jennifer has competed in several competitions and has earned her USPDF pro status. She has placed as a runner up in 2012 Pacific Pole Championships and in the 2012 International Pole Masters doubles division. She has also competed in the doubles division in IPC 2013 Singapore and as an international soloist in Pole Stars 2014 Malaysia.

As a dancer, Jennifer is known for her strength, grace, and sensuality. Although Jennifer has expanded her pole repertoire to include contemporary pole movement, she has a strong connection to her sensual classic pole movement beginnings. Jennifer took her first pole class out of curiosity without any dance, movement, fitness, or gymnastics background. She believes and wants to share the message that pole is accessible to everyone and anyone can become a great pole dancer regardless of their background or lack thereof.



What’s your favorite food? I LOVE sushi! I dislike cilantro!

Fantasy dinner party guests? Anais Nin, Henry Miller, Charles Bukowski, Amy Schumer, Kristen Wiig, Louis CK, Bob Marley, Thich Nhat Hanh


Bio - Jordan Kensley +

Jordan Kensley moved to LA with no movement background in Oct 2012 and found BeSpun at the ‘Studio Opening’ Party. She joined the BeSpun Family immediately and spent the next 3+years pushing herself to become better. Jordan strives to emulate the athlete, the artist, and the goddess in each of her routines and specializes in a Strong Sexy Style. She finds inspiration within her idols, friends, mentors and students in The Pole Community; this community has given her strength and confidence in so many ways, inside and outside of the studio. She has been teaching at BeSpun for two years now and loves helping students become comfortable in their own skin — the ‘A-HA moment’ that happens when she helps someone figure out a nemesis move is the best feeling for her, next to giving students the proper technique they need to train and dance without injury. Jordan Kensley has been dancing at the infamous Jumbos Clown Room for over 2.5years, under the name Roxie.


Will Be Liquid Motion Certified and Elevated Education Teacher Training Certified by 2016


Arnold Pole Classic - 1st Professional Alternate

Pole Theatre USA: 1st Place Pro Comedy Division, 3rd Place Overall Pro Champion

PSO National Championship: 3rd Place Pro Artistic Division

Also competed in the professional levels in: National Aerial Pole Art, Ink N Iron, North American Pole Dance Championship


XPERT Teacher Certification

PSO Pacific Pole Championship: Championship Lv4 - 3rd Place

National Aerial Pole Art: NEO - 2nd Place

North American Pole Dance Championship: Professional - 2nd Place

PSO Pacific Aerial Art Championship: Dramatic Professional - 3rd Place

Paragon Championship: International Amateur - 2nd Place


Bio - Margarita Evans +

Margarita started pole dancing at Bespun in June of 2011. She has a background in ballet and Russian folk dancing. Margarita is a competitive pole dancer. She started teaching pole dancing a year ago and she focuses on strength and conditioning in her classes.


What is your favorite pole trick? Side lever cartwheel Why? I was working on it for 6 months and I finally got it


What food can you not live without? Chocolate What food can you not stand? Boiled onions Why? Long story from my childhood. Eek


Biggest pet peeve? Students after trying new move once say this move is not for them because they are not strong, flexible, etc. Some moves take months to conquer them and the longer it takes the happier you get once nailing it. Never give up!



Pacific Pole Championship 2013 L3 Championship Winner

North American Pole Dance Competition 2013 Finalist

California Pole Dance Championship Amature 2013 Division Winner

Pacific Pole Dance Championship 2014 Professional Champion

3 World Pole Cup 2014 Professional Division Finalist


Bio - Nadia Sharif +

Nadia has been pole dancing for 8 years! This means teaching, competing as both a soloist and double, judging, performing, training, traveling the globe and being a Bad Kitty Brand Ambassador. She specializes in spinning on static, crazy leg flares and twists as well as funky grounded wanna be b girl combos. She loves capoeira, breaking, tricking, back yard gymnastics and monster heels.


2013 IPC PoleFIt Doubles Champion with partner Mina Mortezaie

2012 National Aerial Pole Art Champion

2012 California Pole Dance Champion

2012 International Pole Masters Cup Doubles Champion with partner Mina Mortezaie

2011 USPDF Silver Medalist

2010 Bi-Polar Doubles Champion with partner Mina Mortezaie


Favorite pole trick? It’s forever changing... at the moment I'm into drops and drop combos.

Pet Peeves? My only pet peeve is when people tell me "thats not how your supposed to do it"... usually I realize that and trying to explore other options. This is not just about dance or movement, but about life, science, love, and living. Don't get me wrong though, I love being a student and learning.

False lashes? Hmmmm... they look great but I can't see right with them on. The one good thing about being hairy and half Pakistani is that I have long natural lashes. Load on the mascara!

Heels or barefoot? I will always and forever love my heels! The taller the better! However, I am super down to get earthy and grubby barefoot.



Bio - Wendy Lee +

Wendy has been pole dancing since she was a kid but started poling in Feb 2014. She grew up figure skating, doing traditional Chinese ribbon & candle dance, and have trained in jazz/modern/hip-hop/ballroom. I absolutely love different forms of movement and expression.

She has been teaching since April 2015.

I love sharing my passion for pole with others and helping to create a positive environment that students can grow in -- the same things my instructors did for me!

Awards / Titles

Girl Next Door Cast Member, PoleShowLA Company Member, Paragon Latin America Judge

What is your favorite pole trick? Why? I love the Twisted Sister & Bird of Paradise since they combine both strength & flexibility. 

What food can you not live without? What food can you not stand? Why? I am an absolute SLAVE to french fries. Steak, crinkle-cut, curly, I love them all equally 😀

Last splurge? Buying 4 pairs of stripper heels at the same time... but hey, they were on sale!!!

Biggest pet peeve? When it's too hot/cold to pole! :'(

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