Class Reservations/Cancellation

  • ***Effective March 15, 2017 – BeSpun has a 4 HOUR cancelation policy. Late cancellations are subject to a $20 LATE CANCEL FEE.
  • ***Effective March 15, 2017 – BeSpun reserves the right to cancel a scheduled class 2 hours prior to start time, if there are less than 4 people signed up.
  • No-shows are subject to $20 LATE CANCEL FEE (you must cancel 1 hour prior to start of class to make room for another student).
  • Walk-ins are allowed if space permits.

Late Policy

  • BeSpun has a 5 MINUTES LATE POLICY! Late arrivals will NOT be allowed to enter.
  • Late arrivals will be considered NO-SHOW and will be charged a $20 LATE FEE will be applied to memberships, week passes, month passes and intro offers.
  •  NO-SHOWS enrolled with Mini Memberships, Class Packs and Class Pass will be ducted one class credit.

Canceling a Club BeSpun

  • Canceling Club BeSpun is to permanently stop payments and classes due to moving, extended travel or injury.
  • Canceling Club BeSpun requires 30 days notice to stop payment and must have fulfilled first 3 months of membership.
  • Canceling Club BeSpun without 30 days notice due to an injury requires a doctor’s note.
  • Canceling Club BeSpun will result in losing any promotional pricing. Contact

Declined Autopay Policy (Spun Club and Spun Club Mini)

  • A LATE FEE of $50 will be added to your outstanding Autopay balance due to declined Autopay charges.
  • Bespun allows for a 5 DAY GACE PERIOD from your scheduled billing date. To avoid the LATE FEE of $50 please make your payment before the 5 DAY GRACE PERIOD is over.