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BeSpun LA is Los Angeles' premier pole dance workout studio where pole dance champions are made!


BeSpun has the most innovative classes in the business and all classes are taught by our internationally recognized pole stars. Whether you are brand new to Pole & BeSpun or you are a seasoned Pole Athlete, BeSpun has something for you!

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We love beginners!

Once upon a time...we were all new to pole too!  We have a plan to get you started and friendly advisor to help you along your way.  Get ready for a wild ride that will leave you forever changed.

Come turn your world, upside down!

Meet Claudia, your friendly BeSpun Advisor

Claudia is a BeSpun expert and internationally recognized pole dance professional.  She will help you navigate your pole dance journey.  Contact Claudia to adjust club status, with pole related questions or just to put your mind at ease.  Claudia teaches many classes at BeSpun so you will see her at the studio too.

Fill out this form to the right and Claudia will get in touch with you right away.

She can also be reached at ( 323) 498-2780 or by email at Claudia@BeSpun.com

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    Are you new to BeSpun? Try our $69 Intro Offer!

    Get unlimited class access for 2 weeks with the Intro Offer!

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    Don't know where to begin? Start with Sexy Basics...

    SEXY BASICS   Learning beginner tricks and techniques including spins, transitions, pole sits and floor-work.

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$69 Intro Deal

Discover BeSpun's Unique Culture

BeSpun is more than a workout, it's a sisterhood.

BeSpun has the most innovative classes in the business...


  • Sexy Basics Routine
  • Sexy Basics Elements
  • Floorwork Basics Routine
  • Strip & Chair Routine
  • Stretch


  • Climbing Elements
  • Sexy Climb & Dance Routine
  • Spin Pole Elements
  • Floorwork Routine
  • Pole Conditioning
  • Plus, All Beginner Classes!


  • Invert Elements
  • Exotic Polography
  • Lyrical Polography
  • Plus, All Beginner & Climb Classes!


  • Invert Combos
  • Pole Dance Combos
  • Spin Pole Combos
  • Plus, All Beginner, Climb & Invert Classes!
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Single Class
  • Individual classes
  • 6 month expiration from date of purchase
  • $35 per class
  • 5 Pack $149
  • $29.80 per class
  • 10 Pack $249
  • $24.90 per class
Intro Offer
$692 Week Trial
  • Unlimited classes for 2 weeks
  • Special pricing for memberships during this trial
  • Limit one per customer
  • New Students Only
  • Must be LA county resident
  • non residents may purchase visitors package
  • 5 classes per week $6.90 per class
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$139Monthly Membership
  • 3 month minimum agreement
  • Spun Club Member perks
  • Keep current pricing rate, as long as you stay a member
  • Unused classes never expire, as long as you have the membership
  • Classes expire 6 months from time of purchase, once membership is cancelled
  • No freezes or cancelations within initial 3 months
  • $17.37 per class
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Meet Leigh Ann Reilly

BeSpun Owner, Pole Show LA Creator and International Pole Icon.

Leigh Ann...

Leigh Ann Reilly is producer/creator/owner of BeSpun and Pole Show LA and  has extensive industry experience as a business woman and performer. Reilly has a popular youtube channel and travels the world teaching Pole Dance and Performance.

Catch her at BeSpun or book Leigh Ann at your studio today!


More to offer

Start your pole Journey with us...

Showgirl Bootcamp

Each of our BeSpun ShowGirl BootCamps will feature classes from Leigh Ann Reilly and BeSpun Pole Stars. Including Natasha Wang, Nadia Sharif, Brandon Grimm and/or Claudia Renee, to name a few. Pole Star appearances are based on their availability and will be announced no later than 30 days prior to pole camp.


BeSpun’s Private Pole Parties are a perfect way to celebrate your best friend’s bachelorette party, to mark a special birthday or occasion, or just to get out and have one of the most memorable nights of your life!


BeSpun produces the most innovative and world famous event in Pole Dancing.  Pole Show LA is known as the Super Bowl of Pole.  Get on stage with your pole dance idols or cheer your friends from the sidelines.


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What students are saying about BeSpun

"Training at BeSpun has been amazing! Being able to dance, express, and create while working out in 6 inch heels has quickly become my favorite way to exercise. The fun, supportive atmosphere and incredibly inspiring ladies/staff definitely keep you coming back for more!"

Wendy L.
Wendy L. Company Inc

"I have been with BeSpun since 2008. Leigh Ann, the studio and pole dancing have changed my life. They have allowed me to release my inner dancer, artist, mover and creator sometimes suppressed by the mundane aspects of life. Thank you LA and BeSpun!"

Lindsey Kimura
Lindsey Kimura

I started dancing with BeSpun in January of 2011.  I remember thinking to myself that the class size seemed smaller than I would have expected.  I quickly learned that Pole Show LA had taken place just a few days earlier, so many of the students were taking a well earned break.  The idea of performing in LA’s biggest pole dance extravaganza was intriguing yet terrifying at the same time.  I decided on my first day of class that I wanted to be part of the show the next year.  Exactly one year later I walked out onto the stage with four gorgeous, talented women and danced my heart out in front of the most supportive and enthusiastic audience I could have asked for.  It was exhilarating.

Leigh Ann has created such an incredible space for women to learn, grow and discover their strengths and unique abilities.   Every teacher brings their own distinctive gifts and flair for teaching, with the common thread being their passion for this beautiful sport.  Thank you Leigh Ann for sharing your vision and talent with the pole dance community.  I am honored to be part of the BeSpun family.

Yvonne D. Lutz
Yvonne D. Lutz

I moved to Los Angeles all by myself two years ago. The instructors at my pole gym in Ohio told me I had to check out BeSpun when I got here, so I signed up for the workshops and got hooked all over again. I have found a wonderful, encouraging community of girls at BeSpun and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of it! Not only are the instructors super talented, they are also amazing teachers and friends. It makes me smile every time I come to the gym. Working out can be the highlight of your day if you've found a place like BeSpun to call home.

Sierra S.
Sierra S. Sierra Schepmann Photography

"The first pole class I went to after moving to Los Angeles about two years ago was the Thursday night Pole Workout at BeSpun.  I had only been dancing for a few months and had just learned to invert.  I had a chronic back injury and was not in the best of shape.  The class was packed and everyone appeared to gracefully move up and down the pole effortlessly.  I was immediately struck with awe and then terror.  I thought to myself I would never make it through the class alive and would feel like a fool trying.  Immediately Leigh Ann came up to me and introduced herself and continued to assess where I was at.  After watching me struggle to invert she agreed I could stay in the class and told me that if I kept coming I would get better.  Leigh Ann has never stopped encouraging and believing in me.  Because of this I have continued with pole dance classes at BeSpun and as a result I am currently the strongest and most flexible I have ever been.  And I did get better!!  I truly love all of the teachers at BeSpun and have become close with many of my fellow classmates.  Thank you, LeighAnn and BeSpun for everything you do and are - I wouldn't BeFabulous without you.  XO"

Elizabeth Z.
Elizabeth Z. Company Inc

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